AngularJS 1.x with Typescript

I have worked with Angular 1.x for quite some time however recently switched to typescript. I did find some good articles to help me proceed viz. Writing AngularJS 1.x with TypeScript, AngularJS 1.x with TypeScript (or ES6) Best Practices. However since those articles most of the things have been changed and faced a several issues while following those articles.

Also since there is a push towards angular 2 and I wanted to write my code with angular 2 style mostly to help me migrate my project to angular2 in future with less effort [Although it would be too much.].

So in this series of blogs I will discuss upon how to setup environment and get going with angular 1.x with typescript –

  1. Setting Up the Environment
  2. Writing your first view and controller with typescript
  3. Creating Components & Directives
  4. Creating Services, Models and REST Calls
  5. Building Project & Deploying for Production

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